ARCHERY Manage Tool

The archery-manage tool used to simplify common operations with ARCHERY, including registry initial bootstrap, integration with topology databases and keeping dynamic information up to date.

usage: archery-manage [-h] [-d {CRITICAL,ERROR,WARNING,INFO,DEBUG}] -s SOURCE
                      [-f FILTER]
                      [-o {_debug,zonefile,json,services,endpoints,arc-CEs}]
                      [--json] [--output-all] [-u] [--domain DOMAIN]
                      [--ddns-master-ip DDNS_MASTER_IP]
                      [--ddns-tsig-keyfile DDNS_TSIG_KEYFILE]
                      [--ddns-tsig-algorithm {HMAC-SHA512,HMAC-SHA256,HMAC-MD5,HMAC-SHA1,HMAC-SHA384,HMAC-SHA224}]
                      [--ttl TTL] [--threads THREADS] [--timeout TIMEOUT]

Named Arguments

-d, --debug


Default: “INFO”

-s, --source Services topology source (use ‘help’ value to print available sources)
-f, --filter Add endpoints filter (use ‘help’ value to print available filters)
-o, --output

Possible choices: _debug, zonefile, json, services, endpoints, arc-CEs

Write requested data to stdout


Change output format from plaintext to JSON

Default: False


Output all services/endpoints including inactive (filters are still applied)

Default: False

-u, --ddns-update

Invoke DNS zone incremental DDNS update secured by TSIG key

Default: False

--domain Domain name of the ARCHERY endpoint to use (required for DDNS update)
 Master DNS IP address (required for DDNS update)
 TSIG keyfile (required for DDNS update)

Possible choices: HMAC-SHA512, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA384, HMAC-SHA224

Cryptographic algorithm for TSIG

Default: “HMAC-MD5”


DNS resource records TTL value to use (default is 3600)

Default: 3600


Number of treads to fetch information in parallel (default is 8)

Default: 8


Per-source information fetching timeout (default is 10 seconds)

Default: 10